marketing copywriter

Being a marketing copywriter isn’t just about saying the right things or knowing how to build rapport.

Copywriting for me is all about helping build profitable businesses through meaningful copy. To make your buyers feel that what you’re offering is something their lives are desperately missing.

It’s about being immersed in buyer personas until I understand the target audience better than they understand themselves.

I then use this knowledge to write copy in the best tone and voice your audience can resonate with.

Building a successful business requires a number of things. In fact…

  • Imagine knowing what makes people tick to get them to take action
  • Imagine consistently getting superb results every time you use buyer psychology concepts in your every business interaction
  • And imagine being able to sell what people want to buy (this doesn’t just pertain to an actual item)

At the end of the day, you can get away with inadequate website or branding. But pulling off a copy without any psychology concepts whatsoever would be next to impossible.

That’s where I come in…

I help small business owners, consultants, and online entrepreneurs overcome barriers to purchase.

I’m Jeanne…

A social psychology enthusiast who got into copywriting after finding the work interesting and challenging in all the right ways. Needless to say, I was hooked after nabbing my first copywriting project!

I originally started out as a generic freelance writer back in August 2011. I wrote about every topic offered to me—from cosmetic surgery to numerology. And although everything seemed fine initially, the tediousness of writing on things I don’t care about soon caught up to me.

I said to myself at that time, “This is starting to feel like I’m back at my previous 9 to 5 job.”

I hated my work then and it made me question whether I should be even writing at all.

Until the time I got my first copywriting gig.

It made me feel stimulated and interested again because I realized that people is what’s interesting to me. What do they want? What are their pain points? The questions seems endless sometimes but they’re definitely the ones I’d love to answer.

I’ve since turned my passion for such information into writing copy that’s based on facts and stands on the foundational trial and errors done by others—not by you.

On the side, I run Your VA Workforce to help small businesses scale their scope and grow their profits to new heights.

When not working, I keep my cats busy with my incessant attempt to pet them and taking different courses by the boatload.

Reach out to me to see how I can help your business grow

Let me help you build a profitable business through psych-based copy that’s proven to convert!