5 Proven Ways to Grow Your Business Through Copywriting

There are many aspects to growing your business and marketing is one way to fuel it. Marketing, however, is a broad term and encompasses different kinds. Out of many marketing strategies out there, copywriting can do wonders in making sure your reader takes a specific action.

I know it sounds sketchy to tout the benefits of copywriting for your business when it’s coming from a copywriter. But data backs me up on this one. (Insert wink emoji here). Now to the meat of the article, I’m gonna share with you the top five proven ways to grow your business through copywriting!

Use Copywriting to Build a Trusted Brand

Well-written copy makes sure that your message stands out and it sticks in people’s minds. This, in turn, helps you yo connect better with your audience and makes it easier to build a trusted brand with a loyal following who will patronize your business for years to come.

To make sure your copywriting connects with your audience, don’t take on the standard “sales voice” that makes use of unfounded, exaggerated phrases. Some examples of these include claiming “100% guaranteed success rate” with no evidence or saying you “are results-oriented.” (I mean isn’t everyone?) These are standard lingo you’d expect from a seasoned salesman looking to make a quick buck.

Using those sort of terms only serve to disconnect your business from your audience. Any time that people read weak, vague copy,  they would no doubt think “what the heck does that mean?” or “is there any proof of that? Amazing copy requires direct and no BS pitches. It emphasizes the solution you can provide using a personable tone that reflects your brand value.

Use Copywriting to Grow Your Audience

When you make use of proven copywriting techniques for your business, you’ll find that readers resonate more with your brand. This is because well-written, appealing copy gains you exposure. Therefore, when people like something, they will usually share your content via social media.

Even if there’s always a big market out there for most types of business, there’s also an equal amount of other companies for everyone’s attention. Copywriting can provide the right formula  for your business to stand out, stay on top, in order for you to expand your audience.

Use Copywriting to Get Your Audience to Take Action

At its heart, copywriting is the art of persuading a person to do something. And that’s what you need copywriting for your business. Maybe you need more sales. Maybe you need to grow your email list. Or maybe you desperately need to start being profitable. Most of all, you’re in business and need specific actions from your audience in order to thrive. So you want it done as soon as possible so you can see the results.

You can make two choices when it comes to the above situation: opt for the status quo and hope things get better by themselves over time or make use of tight, persuasive copy that convinces people to do the action you want them to take.

Let’s be frank, though. This is definitely much easier said than done. Not all copy are created equal. Additionally, some are easy to act on while others are too wordy and can be downright confusing. The key to this is to use a clear call-to-action that leaves no doubt in the reader’s mind what they have to do after they’re presented with what you offer.

Use Copywriting to Increase Your Sales

Copywriting is a great way to increase your sales when it fully integrates your marketing strategy with your sales process. Excellent copy assesses and corrects any issues that can be easily solved with changes to the words you use to discuss your business.

For instance, I worked on a landing page before and split-tested the headline—one used the word “get” and the other used the word “receive.” Although they are synonyms, it registered a slight difference with the audience. While the landing page that the used the word “get” had a sales rate with 31%, the one that used “get” had a whopping “48%” sales rate. Therefore, this just goes to show that words can naturally increase your conversions.

Use Copywriting to Make More Money

We all have our own needs and desires that drive us all. As a result, the best adverts and web copy know how to pitch the pain of their target market. An amazing copy is able to do this if it addresses the pain of your target market. Find the pain and then offer a solution. As a result, you’ll have a customer who feels that you get them and feels more connected to your brand.

In this age of technology, how you present your business plays a key role in getting a piece of the pie. A poorly written brand can make a bad first impression and make you lose potential clients. Excellent copy carefully takes your business or product into account. This allows you to determine what emotional string to pull to get the sale and increase your bottom line.

Concluding Thoughts

Copywriting can be the key to taking your business to the next level if you do all the above tips correctly. Using these three tips are sure to separate your brand from your competition through relevant, high-quality copy. Keep these ideas in mind to help you push the boundaries of your business’ growth potential as you take on new challenges.

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