Guide to Crafting Call-to-Actions That Convert Like Crazy

Anywhere you go, it’s a crowded world. Everyone wants to get their message heard or get a response from their users.

In order to stand out and get the results you want, you have to be able to hone on the crucial elements that will take your call-to-action from being a standard prop to being an all-important part of your overall copy.

From my experience, the hallmarks of a quality call-to-actions are made up of the following:

Make it Personal and Benefits-Oriented

A good CTA is always specific and provides value. If you just write vague directions such as “Click Here” or make it all about you, people are less likely to pay attention to your CTA and you’ll be hard-pressed to convince people to do the action you want them to.

If this has been a recurring problem for you, try reframing your CTA from the point of view of your audience. For instance, instead of being content with fuzzy two-phrased directions that give no clue to your customers, you could craft a benefits statement as a command (with a link to your desired page) such as, “Don’t let another day pass without letting (Service/Product Name) work for you.”

Don’t Make It Too Much Hard Work For Them

Another factor you should take into account is if fulfilling your CTA takes too much hard work. With today’s record of ever shortening attention span, people who are willing to jump through hoops to achieve a certain action would no doubt be considered modern-day saints in this digital age.

And as we all know, saints don’t exist aplenty. Otherwise, we’d be living in nirvana and not in Earth.

To counter this, why not settle on an action you want them to do and stick with it. Resist the temptation to include multiple actions that might only serve to take attention away from your main CTA.

Have a Bright CTA Button

A bright CTA button definitely makes sense since you want to make sure that your readers will notice the action you want them to follow through. Countless rounds of testing by seasoned marketers often show that red CTA buttons work best. Like any advice, you have to know if it would also hold the same results for you, which you can do through testing.

Include Urgency Subtly

This is a staple copywriting/Internet marketing mantra and for a good reason—it gives people a deadline to commit the action. Without urgency, our procrastinating minds will often delay and forget about something that we were just so amped up to do minutes ago.

The only problem is, a lot of people resort to hype when including urgency in their CTAs. This makes some people leery since they think it’s just a tactic and you won’t likely follow through. In the previous example I outlined, it went the subtly urgent route with the phrase “Don’t let another day.”

Other Factors That Make For an Effective CTA

There are also other factors that make for an effective include offering a trial membership, having a link or button where it’s clear that you’re supposed to click on it, and last but not the least, you’re asked to respond right away. Together, all of these factors will give you a killer, effective CTA that makes people respond the way you intended to.

Do you have any CTA tip that I missed? Comment down below.